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English Literature - General

William Shakespeare is Born: A General Learning Lesson Plan

Lesson Details

This lesson is designed for high school students studying English literature. It will cover the life and times of William Shakespeare, including his birth, childhood, and early career.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the basic facts of William Shakespeare's life
  • Understand the historical context of Shakespeare's life and work
  • Analyze the impact of Shakespeare's work on literature and culture


This lesson will use a combination of lecture, discussion, and group activities to engage students. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in class discussions.


  • Textbook readings on Shakespeare's life and work
  • Online resources such as videos and articles
  • Handouts with discussion questions and group activity instructions


  • Lecture on Shakespeare's life and times
  • Group activity: Research and present on a specific aspect of Shakespeare's life or work
  • Class discussion: Analyze the impact of Shakespeare's work on literature and culture


Assessment will be based on participation in class discussions and group activities, as well as a written reflection on the impact of Shakespeare's work on literature and culture.

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13 months ago
This lesson plan complies with all relevant educational standards and guidelines.

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