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Media Studies - 5th

Media Studies: Understanding the Power of Media

Media is all around us, from the TV shows we watch to the ads we see on billboards. In this lesson, we will explore the world of media and how it affects our daily lives.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the different types of media
  • Understand the impact of media on society
  • Can analyze media messages critically


This lesson will be taught through a combination of lecture, group discussion, and hands-on activities. Students will be encouraged to share their own experiences with media and to think critically about the messages they receive.


  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Handouts on different types of media
  • Examples of media messages (TV commercials, magazine ads, etc.)
  • Internet access for research


  1. Introduction: Ask students to brainstorm different types of media (TV, radio, social media, etc.) and write them on the whiteboard.
  2. Lecture: Discuss the impact of media on society, including positive and negative effects.
  3. Group Discussion: Divide students into small groups and give each group a different media message to analyze. Ask them to identify the intended audience, message, and any underlying themes or values.
  4. Hands-on Activity: Have students create their own media message (TV commercial, print ad, etc.) and present it to the class. Encourage them to think critically about the message they are trying to convey.
  5. Conclusion: Review the different types of media and the impact they have on society. Encourage students to continue to think critically about the media messages they receive.

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12 months ago
This lesson is compliant with the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and the National Council for the Social Studies Standards.

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