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Visual Arts - 3rd

Creating a Digital Storybook

In this project, students will learn how to create a digital storybook using technology. The project will involve writing a story, creating illustrations, and using digital tools to bring the story to life. By the end of the project, students will have a better understanding of storytelling, digital tools, and how to use technology to enhance their learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the elements of a story
  • Develop writing skills
  • Create illustrations to accompany a story
  • Use digital tools to enhance a story


The project will be broken down into several steps:

  1. Brainstorming and writing a story
  2. Creating illustrations for the story
  3. Using digital tools to enhance the story
  4. Sharing the story with the class

Resources/Materials Required

  • Computers or tablets with internet access
  • Digital drawing tools such as Paint or Sketchpad
  • Story templates
  • Access to online storybook creation tools such as StoryJumper or Book Creator


1. Begin by introducing the concept of storytelling and the elements of a story such as characters, setting, and plot.

2. Have students brainstorm and write their own stories using a story template.

3. Once the stories are written, have students create illustrations to accompany their stories using digital drawing tools.

4. Next, have students use online storybook creation tools to bring their stories to life. Encourage them to use digital tools such as animations and sound effects to enhance their stories.

5. Finally, have students share their stories with the class and discuss the digital tools they used to enhance their stories.


Assessment will be based on the quality of the story, the illustrations, and the use of digital tools to enhance the story. Students will also be assessed on their ability to share their stories with the class and discuss the digital tools they used.

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11 months ago
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