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Media Studies - 11th

Creating a Digital Portfolio

In this project, students will create a digital portfolio to showcase their work and progress throughout the school year. The portfolio will include various types of media such as written assignments, photos, videos, and audio recordings. The project will be divided into three phases: planning, creating, and presenting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to organize and present their work in a professional manner.
  • Students will develop their digital literacy skills by using various software and tools.
  • Students will learn how to reflect on their own learning and progress.


The project will be introduced in class and students will be given a detailed explanation of the requirements and expectations. Students will then work individually or in pairs to plan and create their digital portfolios. The teacher will provide guidance and support throughout the project. The final phase will involve presenting the portfolios to the class.

Resources/Materials Required

  • Access to computers and software such as Google Drive, Adobe Creative Suite, and WordPress.
  • Cameras and audio recording equipment.
  • Rubrics and checklists for assessment.


1. Introduce the project and explain the requirements and expectations.

2. Provide examples of digital portfolios and discuss the benefits of creating one.

3. Allow time for planning and brainstorming.

4. Provide guidance and support throughout the creation process.

5. Use rubrics and checklists to assess the portfolios.

6. Allow time for presenting the portfolios to the class.


  • Brainstorming and planning sessions.
  • Creating and editing various types of media.
  • Reflecting on learning and progress.
  • Presenting portfolios to the class.


Students will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Organization and presentation of the portfolio.
  • Use of various types of media.
  • Reflection on learning and progress.
  • Overall creativity and effort.

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