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History - General

Lesson Plan: The Berlin Blockade

Details of the Lesson

Subject: History

Grade Level: High School

Duration: 90 minutes

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Know the causes and effects of the Berlin Blockade
  • Understand the political tensions between the Soviet Union and the Western powers during the Cold War
  • Analyze primary sources to gain a deeper understanding of the events
  • Evaluate the impact of the Berlin Blockade on the Cold War and world history


The lesson will be delivered through a combination of lecture, class discussion, and primary source analysis.

Resources/Materials Required

  • Textbook readings on the Cold War and the Berlin Blockade
  • Primary source documents, including speeches by President Truman and Soviet Premier Stalin
  • Whiteboard and markers


  1. Introduction (10 minutes): The teacher will provide an overview of the Berlin Blockade and its significance in the Cold War.
  2. Lecture (20 minutes): The teacher will provide a detailed explanation of the causes and effects of the Berlin Blockade.
  3. Primary Source Analysis (30 minutes): Students will work in pairs to analyze primary source documents related to the Berlin Blockade. They will be asked to identify key arguments and evidence presented in the documents.
  4. Class Discussion (20 minutes): The teacher will lead a class discussion on the primary source documents, focusing on the similarities and differences between the perspectives presented.
  5. Evaluation (10 minutes): Students will be asked to write a short essay evaluating the impact of the Berlin Blockade on the Cold War and world history.

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11 months ago
This lesson plan complies with the Common Core State Standards for History/Social Studies.

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