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Science and Environmental Studies - K

Creating a Classroom Garden

Lesson: Science and Environmental Studies

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the basic needs of plants
  • Understand the importance of taking care of the environment
  • Can plant and take care of a garden


  • Introduction to the basic needs of plants through a storybook reading and discussion
  • Brainstorming and planning the garden layout
  • Planting the garden with the help of the students
  • Regular care and maintenance of the garden
  • Assessment through observation and reflection

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Storybook about plants
  • Seeds and soil
  • Gardening tools (shovels, watering cans, gloves, etc.)
  • Labels for plants
  • Assessment rubric


  • Read the storybook about plants and discuss the basic needs of plants with the students
  • Brainstorm and plan the garden layout with the students
  • Plant the garden with the help of the students, making sure to label each plant
  • Assign students to take care of the garden on a rotating basis, with tasks such as watering, weeding, and observing the growth of the plants
  • Assess the students' understanding and participation through observation and reflection

By the end of the activity, students should know the basic needs of plants, understand the importance of taking care of the environment, and be able to plant and take care of a garden.

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11 months ago
This lesson complies with the National Science Education Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

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