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Language Arts - 1st

Creating a Digital Storybook

In this project, students will learn about storytelling and basic computer skills by creating their own digital storybook. The learning outcomes for this project include:

  • Understanding the elements of a story
  • Developing basic computer skills
  • Creating a digital storybook


Students will work in pairs to create a digital storybook using a free online tool such as StoryJumper or Book Creator. They will first brainstorm a story idea and then create a storyboard to plan out their story. Next, they will use the online tool to create their storybook, adding text, images, and sound effects as needed. Finally, they will present their storybook to the class.


  • Computers or tablets with internet access
  • Free online storybook creation tools such as StoryJumper or Book Creator
  • Art supplies for creating illustrations (optional)


  1. Introduce the concept of storytelling and the elements of a story (characters, setting, plot, etc.)
  2. Explain the project and demonstrate how to use the online storybook creation tool
  3. Have students work in pairs to brainstorm a story idea and create a storyboard
  4. Assist students as needed in creating their digital storybook
  5. Have students present their storybook to the class


Assessment will be based on the following criteria:

  • Storytelling elements are present and well-developed
  • Basic computer skills are demonstrated
  • The digital storybook is engaging and well-designed
  • The presentation is clear and well-rehearsed

Supply List
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10 months ago
This project complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by using free online tools that do not collect personal information from students.

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