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Music - 11th

Creating a Music Video Project

In this project, students will work in groups to create a music video for a song of their choice. The project will cover various aspects of music, including lyrics, melody, rhythm, and instrumentation. Students will also learn about video production, including storyboarding, filming, and editing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the elements of music and how they work together to create a song
  • Develop skills in video production, including storyboarding, filming, and editing
  • Work collaboratively in a group to create a final product


The project will be divided into several stages:

  1. Choosing a song and analyzing its musical elements
  2. Storyboarding the music video
  3. Filming the music video
  4. Editing the music video
  5. Presenting the final product to the class

Resources/Materials Required

  • Access to a computer with video editing software
  • Cameras or smartphones for filming
  • Various props and costumes for the music video


1. Divide students into groups of 3-4.

2. Have each group choose a song and analyze its musical elements, including lyrics, melody, rhythm, and instrumentation.

3. Have each group create a storyboard for their music video, including shots, camera angles, and any necessary props or costumes.

4. Have each group film their music video, making sure to follow their storyboard as closely as possible.

5. Have each group edit their music video using video editing software.

6. Have each group present their final product to the class, explaining their creative choices and how they incorporated the musical elements of the song into their video.


1. Analyzing the musical elements of a song

2. Storyboarding a music video

3. Filming a music video

4. Editing a music video

5. Presenting a final product to the class


Students will be assessed on their ability to work collaboratively in a group, their understanding of the musical elements of their chosen song, and their ability to create a cohesive and creative music video that incorporates those elements.

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12 months ago
This project complies with all relevant educational standards and guidelines.

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