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Geography - 4th

Geography Project: Creating a Travel Brochure

In this project, students will learn about different countries and their unique features. The learning outcomes include:

  • Identifying different countries on a map
  • Describing the physical and cultural features of different countries
  • Creating a travel brochure for a chosen country


1. Begin by introducing the concept of travel brochures and their purpose. Show examples of travel brochures and discuss their features.

2. Next, introduce different countries to the students. Use a world map to show the location of each country and discuss their physical and cultural features.

3. Have each student choose a country to research and create a travel brochure for. Provide resources such as books, websites, and videos for students to use in their research.

4. Instruct students to create a rough draft of their travel brochure, including information about the country's location, physical features, cultural features, and popular attractions.

5. Once the rough draft is complete, have students use technology such as Canva or Microsoft Publisher to create a professional-looking travel brochure.

6. Finally, have students present their travel brochures to the class, highlighting the unique features of their chosen country.


  • World map
  • Books, websites, and videos about different countries
  • Computers with Canva or Microsoft Publisher


Assessment will be based on the quality of the travel brochure and the student's ability to effectively communicate information about their chosen country. Rubrics can be used to assess the brochure's content, design, and presentation.

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12 months ago
This project aligns with Common Core State Standards for Social Studies and Technology.

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