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Creating a DIY Electronic Board Game

In this project, students will learn how to create their own electronic board game using simple materials and electronics. The project will involve designing the game board, creating game pieces, and incorporating electronic components to add an interactive element to the game.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of electronics and circuitry
  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Enhance creativity and design skills
  • Learn how to work collaboratively in a team


The project will be divided into several stages:

  1. Brainstorming and designing the game board and pieces
  2. Learning the basics of electronics and circuitry
  3. Building the electronic components and integrating them into the game
  4. Testing and refining the game

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Cardboard or foam board for the game board
  • Various crafting materials for the game pieces (e.g. paper, markers, glue, scissors)
  • Electronic components such as LEDs, switches, and batteries
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Basic tools such as pliers and wire cutters


1. Divide students into groups of 3-4 and assign each group a specific game theme (e.g. space adventure, jungle safari, etc.)

2. Have each group brainstorm and design their game board and pieces based on their theme

3. Introduce the basics of electronics and circuitry to the students, and provide them with the necessary materials to build their electronic components

4. Assist students in integrating their electronic components into their game board and pieces

5. Test and refine the game, and have each group present their game to the class


  • Brainstorming and designing the game board and pieces
  • Building and integrating electronic components
  • Testing and refining the game
  • Presenting the game to the class


Assessment will be based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and design of the game board and pieces
  • Functionality and integration of electronic components
  • Collaboration and teamwork within the group
  • Overall presentation and demonstration of the game

Supply List
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12 months ago
This project complies with all relevant safety standards for working with electronics and crafting materials.

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