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English Language Arts - 11th

Creating a Digital Portfolio

In this project, students will create a digital portfolio to showcase their learning and growth throughout the school year. The portfolio will include various types of media such as written work, photos, videos, and audio recordings. The project will be completed in several stages:

  1. Planning: Students will brainstorm ideas for their portfolio and create a plan for what they want to include. They will also research different digital portfolio platforms and choose one to use.
  2. Collecting: Students will gather all of the materials they want to include in their portfolio. This may include essays, projects, artwork, photos, videos, and audio recordings.
  3. Organizing: Students will organize their materials into different categories or themes. They will also create an introduction and conclusion for their portfolio.
  4. Creating: Students will use their chosen digital portfolio platform to create their portfolio. They will add their materials, organize them, and customize the design of their portfolio.
  5. Presenting: Students will present their portfolios to the class. They will explain their choices and reflect on their learning and growth throughout the year.

By the end of this project, students will:

  • Know how to plan and organize a digital portfolio
  • Understand the importance of reflecting on their learning and growth
  • Be able to use a digital portfolio platform to create a professional-looking portfolio

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10 months ago
This project complies with all relevant educational standards and guidelines.

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