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History - K

Exploring Ancient Civilizations: A Kindergarten Adventure

Title: Exploring Ancient Civilizations: A Kindergarten Adventure

Compliance: Common Core State Standards for History/Social Studies

Subject: History

Summary: Engage your kindergarten students in a hands-on exploration of ancient civilizations through crafts, games, and storytelling.

Topic: Ancient Civilizations

Lesson Overview

In this activity, kindergarteners will embark on an exciting journey to explore ancient civilizations. They will learn about different ancient cultures, their contributions, and their way of life. Through interactive activities, students will develop an understanding of history and cultural diversity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know about different ancient civilizations and their contributions
  • Understand the concept of cultural diversity
  • Can create simple crafts inspired by ancient civilizations
  • Can retell stories and legends from ancient civilizations


This activity will be conducted over a series of sessions, allowing students to delve deeper into the topic. The methodology will include a combination of storytelling, hands-on crafts, and interactive games.

Resources/Materials Required

  • Books or online resources about ancient civilizations
  • Art supplies (colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, etc.)
  • Props for storytelling (puppets, costumes, etc.)
  • Flashcards or visuals of ancient symbols and artifacts
  • Interactive games (e.g., memory matching game with ancient civilization symbols)


Session 1: Introduction to Ancient Civilizations

  1. Gather the students in a circle and introduce the concept of ancient civilizations.
  2. Show pictures or read a storybook about ancient civilizations, highlighting their unique features.
  3. Engage the students in a discussion about what they learned and what they find interesting.

Session 2: Crafts Inspired by Ancient Civilizations

  1. Introduce different ancient civilizations (e.g., Egyptian, Greek, Mayan) and their contributions.
  2. Show examples of crafts inspired by each civilization (e.g., Egyptian headdress, Greek vase, Mayan mask).
  3. Provide art supplies and guide the students in creating their own crafts inspired by ancient civilizations.

Session 3: Storytelling and Legends

  1. Choose a popular legend or story from an ancient civilization (e.g., the story of King Tutankhamun, the legend of Hercules).
  2. Use props, such as puppets or costumes, to make the storytelling session engaging.
  3. Encourage students to retell the story in their own words and discuss the moral or lesson behind it.

Session 4: Interactive Games

  1. Prepare flashcards or visuals of ancient symbols and artifacts.
  2. Play interactive games, such as a memory matching game, where students match symbols with their corresponding civilization.
  3. Encourage students to share interesting facts or stories related to the symbols or artifacts.


Assessment will be ongoing throughout the activity. Teachers can observe and document students' participation, engagement, and understanding during discussions, crafts, storytelling, and games. Additionally, students' crafts and retelling of stories can be used as artifacts of their learning.

By the end of this activity, kindergarteners will have gained knowledge about ancient civilizations, developed an understanding of cultural diversity, created crafts inspired by ancient civilizations, and retold stories and legends from these civilizations.

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Common Core State Standards for History/Social Studies

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