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Health Education - Pre-K

Pre-Kindergarten Lesson on Health Education: Taking Care of Our Bodies

Title: Taking Care of Our Bodies

Compliance Standard: Health Education Standards for Pre-Kindergarten

Subject: Health Education

Summary: This pre-kindergarten lesson focuses on teaching young learners about the importance of taking care of their bodies through healthy habits and personal hygiene.

Topic: Health Education, Personal Hygiene, Healthy Habits

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the importance of personal hygiene and healthy habits
  • Understand how to keep their bodies clean and healthy
  • Can demonstrate basic personal hygiene practices


This lesson will be delivered through a combination of interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and visual aids to engage and educate the students.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Picture books about personal hygiene and healthy habits
  • Visual aids (e.g., posters, flashcards) depicting good hygiene practices
  • Handwashing station with soap and water
  • Art supplies for a craft activity


Introduction (5 minutes):

Begin the lesson by gathering the students in a circle and asking them questions to assess their prior knowledge about personal hygiene and healthy habits. Show them pictures of children engaged in different activities and ask them to identify which activities are healthy and which are not.

Main Lesson (15 minutes):

Read a picture book about personal hygiene and healthy habits, such as 'Germs Are Not for Sharing' by Elizabeth Verdick. Pause throughout the story to ask questions and encourage discussion about the importance of keeping our bodies clean and healthy.

Show visual aids depicting good hygiene practices, such as brushing teeth, washing hands, and covering mouth while coughing or sneezing. Explain each practice and why it is important for our health.

Activity: Handwashing (10 minutes):

Lead the students to the handwashing station and demonstrate the proper way to wash hands. Guide them through the steps, emphasizing the importance of using soap and rubbing all parts of the hands for at least 20 seconds. Allow each student to practice handwashing under your supervision.

Activity: Craft (15 minutes):

Provide each student with a blank paper and art supplies. Instruct them to draw a picture of themselves engaged in a healthy activity, such as brushing teeth or eating fruits and vegetables. Encourage creativity and remind them to include details that show how they are taking care of their bodies.

Closure (5 minutes):

Gather the students back in a circle and have them share their drawings with the class. Ask each student to explain what healthy activity they depicted in their drawing and why it is important for their bodies. Summarize the key points of the lesson and remind the students to practice good hygiene and healthy habits every day.


Assess the students' understanding through observation during the handwashing activity and the craft activity. Listen to their explanations during the closure discussion to gauge their comprehension of the importance of personal hygiene and healthy habits.

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Health Education Standards for Pre-Kindergarten

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