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Fine Arts - K

Kindergarten Lesson on Fine Arts: Exploring Colors

Title: Exploring Colors through Art

Compliance Standard: Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten

Subject: Fine Arts

Summary: This lesson will introduce kindergarteners to the world of colors through various art activities, helping them develop their creativity and fine motor skills.

Topic: Exploring Colors through Art

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and how they can be mixed to create secondary colors (orange, green, purple).
  • Understand that colors can evoke different emotions and moods.
  • Create artwork using different colors and materials.
  • Identify and name colors in their surroundings.


This lesson will be taught through a combination of teacher-led discussions, hands-on art activities, and group work.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Colorful art supplies (paints, crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.)
  • Large sheets of paper or canvases
  • Color mixing charts
  • Books or visuals showcasing different artworks and colors


Introduction (10 minutes):

Begin the lesson by gathering the students in a circle and showing them a color wheel. Explain that colors are all around us and that they can be mixed to create new colors.

Activity 1 - Color Mixing (20 minutes):

Provide each student with a color mixing chart and demonstrate how to mix primary colors to create secondary colors. Encourage the students to experiment with mixing colors on their charts.

Activity 2 - Colorful Collage (30 minutes):

Divide the students into small groups and provide them with a variety of art supplies. Instruct each group to create a colorful collage using different colors and materials. Encourage them to discuss the emotions and moods their artwork represents.

Activity 3 - Color Hunt (15 minutes):

Take the students on a color hunt around the classroom or school. Ask them to identify and name different colors they see. Discuss how colors can be found in nature, objects, and artworks.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

Gather the students back in a circle and have a group discussion about their favorite colors and what they learned about colors through the activities. Display their artwork in the classroom for everyone to admire.


Assess the students' understanding of colors through their participation in the activities, their ability to mix colors correctly, and their verbal explanations of the emotions and moods represented in their artwork.

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8 months ago
Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten

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