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Health Education - 11th

Exploring Mental Health: Understanding and Promoting Well-being

Title: Exploring Mental Health: Understanding and Promoting Well-being

Compliance: Common Core State Standards for Health Education

Subject: Health Education

Summary: This activity aims to engage eleventh-grade students in exploring the topic of mental health, understanding its importance, and learning strategies to promote well-being.

Topic: Exploring Mental Health

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the definition of mental health and its importance in overall well-being.
  • Understand common mental health disorders and their impact on individuals and society.
  • Identify strategies to promote mental health and well-being.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to develop a personal mental health action plan.


This activity will involve a combination of individual research, group discussions, and creative presentations.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Access to computers or mobile devices with internet connectivity
  • Printed handouts on mental health statistics and strategies
  • Art supplies for creative presentations (optional)


Step 1: Introduction (15 minutes)

Begin the activity by discussing the importance of mental health and its impact on overall well-being. Use real-life examples and statistics to emphasize the prevalence of mental health disorders.

Step 2: Individual Research (30 minutes)

Assign each student a specific mental health disorder (e.g., anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder) to research. Provide them with resources such as reputable websites, articles, or books to gather information about the disorder.

Step 3: Group Discussions (20 minutes)

Divide the class into small groups and ask students to share their research findings. Encourage open discussions about the symptoms, causes, and potential treatments for each disorder. Facilitate the conversation and address any misconceptions or questions that arise.

Step 4: Promoting Mental Health (30 minutes)

Introduce various strategies to promote mental health and well-being, such as regular exercise, healthy eating, stress management techniques, and seeking support from trusted individuals or professionals. Provide printed handouts summarizing these strategies for students to refer to later.

Step 5: Personal Mental Health Action Plan (30 minutes)

Ask students to reflect on their own mental health and develop a personal action plan. They should identify specific strategies they can implement to improve their mental well-being. Encourage creativity and self-expression in their action plans.

Step 6: Creative Presentations (30 minutes)

Give students the option to present their personal mental health action plans creatively. They can use art supplies to create posters, collages, or any other visual representation of their plans. Allow time for each group to present their work and provide feedback and encouragement.


Assess the students' understanding and application of the topic through the following methods:

  • Participation in group discussions
  • Quality of research and accuracy of information presented
  • Creativity and thoughtfulness in the personal mental health action plans
  • Effective communication and presentation skills during the creative presentations

Provide constructive feedback to help students improve their understanding and application of the concepts covered.

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Common Core State Standards for Health Education

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