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Health Education - 7th

Exploring the Human Body: The Digestive System

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the main organs and functions of the digestive system
  • Understand the process of digestion
  • Can explain the importance of a healthy diet for proper digestion


This activity will involve a combination of hands-on exploration, group discussions, and individual research.


  • Poster paper and markers
  • Printed diagrams of the digestive system
  • Internet access for research
  • Art supplies for crafting


1. Begin the lesson by introducing the topic of the digestive system and its importance in maintaining overall health.

2. Show the class a printed diagram of the digestive system and explain the main organs and their functions.

3. Divide the students into small groups and provide each group with a large sheet of poster paper and markers.

4. Instruct the groups to create a visual representation of the digestive system using the diagram as a guide. Encourage creativity and accuracy.

5. Once the posters are complete, have each group present their work to the class. Allow time for questions and discussions.

6. After the presentations, lead a class discussion on the process of digestion. Ask questions to ensure understanding and encourage students to share their knowledge.

7. Assign a research task to each student. They should choose one organ from the digestive system and research its function in more detail. They can use the internet or library resources for their research.

8. Once the research is complete, have the students create a short presentation or infographic to share their findings with the class.

9. Conclude the activity by discussing the importance of a healthy diet for proper digestion. Emphasize the role of each organ in the digestive system and how they work together.


Assess the students' understanding through their group posters, class discussions, and individual presentations. Look for accurate representations of the digestive system, participation in discussions, and the ability to explain the functions of the organs.

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8 months ago
Common Core State Standards for Health Education

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