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Language Arts - 1st

Handwriting Heroes: A Fun and Interactive First Grade Activity

Title: Handwriting Heroes

Compliance Standard: Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts - Writing

Subject: Language Arts

Summary: This activity aims to enhance first-grade students' handwriting skills through a fun and interactive project.

Topic: Handwriting

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the correct formation of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Understand the importance of legible handwriting
  • Can write words and sentences neatly and accurately


This activity will be conducted over a series of lessons to ensure students have ample practice and reinforcement of handwriting skills. The project will involve a combination of hands-on activities, interactive games, and guided practice.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Handwriting worksheets
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Interactive whiteboard or projector
  • Handwriting Heroes video series (available online)
  • Letter formation charts
  • Handwriting practice books


Lesson 1: Introduction to Handwriting Heroes

1. Begin by introducing the concept of handwriting and its importance in effective communication.

2. Show the students the Handwriting Heroes video series, which introduces each letter of the alphabet and demonstrates correct letter formation.

3. Discuss the different parts of a letter (e.g., lines, curves, dots) and how they come together to form letters.

4. Provide each student with a letter formation chart and practice writing the letters together on the whiteboard.

Lesson 2: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

1. Review the uppercase and lowercase letters covered in the previous lesson.

2. Engage students in a hands-on activity where they create letter collages using cut-out letters from magazines or newspapers.

3. Play an interactive game on the whiteboard where students identify and write the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.

4. Provide individual handwriting worksheets for students to practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters independently.

Lesson 3: Word Formation

1. Introduce the concept of word formation and how letters come together to create words.

2. Engage students in a group activity where they work together to form words using letter cards.

3. Provide each student with a handwriting practice book and assign them a list of words to write neatly and accurately.

Lesson 4: Sentence Writing

1. Review the concept of word formation and how words come together to create sentences.

2. Engage students in a guided practice activity where they write simple sentences using the letters and words they have learned.

3. Provide feedback and guidance to students as they practice writing sentences.


  • Creating letter collages
  • Interactive game on the whiteboard
  • Group activity with letter cards
  • Individual handwriting practice worksheets
  • Writing words and sentences in a handwriting practice book


Assess students' handwriting skills through the following methods:

  • Observation during hands-on activities and guided practice
  • Review of completed handwriting worksheets and practice books
  • Individual conferences to provide feedback and guidance

By the end of this activity, students will have developed their handwriting skills, understanding the correct formation of letters, and the importance of legible handwriting in effective communication.

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Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts - Writing

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