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History - 8th

Exploring Ancient Civilizations: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will understand the key events and factors that contributed to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  • Students will analyze the impact of the Roman Empire on world history and its lasting legacy.
  • Students will develop critical thinking and research skills through engaging activities.


This activity will involve a combination of individual research, group discussions, and creative presentations.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Textbooks or online resources on ancient Rome
  • Computers or tablets with internet access
  • Art supplies for creating visual aids (optional)


1. Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 students.

2. Assign each group a specific aspect of the Roman Empire to research, such as government, architecture, or daily life.

3. Provide students with a list of reliable online resources and encourage them to take notes on important information.

4. Give students a set amount of time to conduct their research and compile their findings.

5. Once the research phase is complete, have each group prepare a short presentation to share their knowledge with the class.

6. Encourage creativity by allowing students to incorporate visual aids, such as posters or slideshows, to enhance their presentations.

7. After each group presents, facilitate a class discussion to compare and contrast the different aspects of the Roman Empire.

8. Conclude the activity by asking students to reflect on the significance of the Roman Empire and its impact on modern society.


Assess students' understanding and engagement through the following:

  • Group presentation rubric, evaluating content, organization, and delivery
  • Class participation during the discussion
  • Written reflections on the significance of the Roman Empire

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Common Core State Standards: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.6-8.2, CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.6-8.7

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