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Visual Arts - General

Exploring the World of Visual Arts: A Journey Through Artistic Expression

Title: Exploring the World of Visual Arts: A Journey Through Artistic Expression

Compliance: Common Core State Standards for Visual Arts

Subject: Visual Arts

Summary: Engage your students in a comprehensive learning activity that explores various aspects of visual arts, including art history, techniques, and creative expression.

Topic: Visual Arts Learning Activity

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the key concepts and historical periods in visual arts
  • Understand various art techniques and their applications
  • Create original artwork using different mediums


This learning activity will be conducted over a span of several weeks, allowing students to delve deep into the world of visual arts. The activity will involve a combination of classroom discussions, hands-on art projects, research, and presentations.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Art history books and online resources
  • Art supplies (paints, brushes, pencils, papers, canvases, etc.)
  • Computers with internet access
  • Projector and screen


Week 1: Introduction to Visual Arts

1. Begin the activity by introducing the concept of visual arts and its significance in human history.

2. Discuss key art movements and historical periods, such as Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, and Abstract Expressionism.

3. Show examples of famous artworks from different periods and encourage students to analyze and interpret them.

Week 2: Exploring Art Techniques

1. Introduce various art techniques, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

2. Provide demonstrations and hands-on practice for each technique, allowing students to experiment and develop their skills.

3. Assign a small art project for students to showcase their understanding of a specific technique.

Week 3: Artistic Expression and Creativity

1. Discuss the importance of artistic expression and creativity in visual arts.

2. Encourage students to explore their own artistic style and preferences.

3. Assign a larger art project where students can express their creativity using any medium of their choice.

Week 4: Art History Research and Presentations

1. Assign each student a specific art movement or artist to research.

2. Provide guidance on conducting research and organizing information.

3. Have students create presentations to share their findings with the class.


Throughout the learning activity, engage students in the following activities:

  • Classroom discussions and debates on art-related topics
  • Hands-on art projects to practice different techniques
  • Artwork critiques and peer evaluations
  • Research and presentations on art history and artists


Assess students' learning through the following methods:

  • Written reflections on key art movements and techniques
  • Evaluation of completed art projects based on creativity and technique
  • Oral presentations on art history research

By the end of this learning activity, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of visual arts, including its history, techniques, and the ability to create their own original artwork. They will be able to analyze and interpret artworks, demonstrate proficiency in various art techniques, and appreciate the importance of artistic expression and creativity.

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Common Core State Standards for Visual Arts

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