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Language Arts - Pre-K

Pre-Kindergarten Handwriting Activity: Exploring Letters and Numbers

Title: Exploring Letters and Numbers

Compliance: Common Core State Standards for Pre-Kindergarten

Subject: Language Arts

Summary: This activity focuses on introducing pre-kindergarten students to letters and numbers through engaging and interactive hands-on activities.

Topic: Handwriting

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize and identify letters of the alphabet
  • Recognize and identify numbers 1-10
  • Develop fine motor skills required for handwriting
  • Practice tracing and writing letters and numbers


This activity will be conducted in a small group setting to ensure individual attention and engagement. It will involve a combination of teacher-led instruction, hands-on activities, and independent practice.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Alphabet flashcards
  • Number flashcards
  • Writing utensils (pencils, markers, crayons)
  • Tracing worksheets
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Playdough
  • Letter and number stamps


1. Introduction (5 minutes):

Begin the activity by gathering the students in a circle. Show them the alphabet flashcards and number flashcards, and ask if they recognize any of them. Encourage them to share their knowledge.

2. Letter and Number Recognition (10 minutes):

Show the flashcards one by one, starting with the letters. Ask the students to identify each letter and repeat its sound. Repeat this process with the number flashcards, asking the students to identify each number.

3. Tracing Practice (15 minutes):

Provide each student with a tracing worksheet. Demonstrate how to trace the letters and numbers using a pencil or marker. Encourage the students to follow along and practice tracing on their own. Provide assistance and guidance as needed.

4. Hands-on Activities (20 minutes):

Divide the students into small groups and rotate them through different hands-on activities:

  • Playdough Letters: Give each group a small amount of playdough. Instruct them to roll the playdough into long ropes and shape them into letters. Encourage them to say the letter's name and sound as they create it.
  • Letter Stamps: Provide each group with letter stamps and an ink pad. Instruct them to stamp the letters on a piece of paper and practice saying the letter's name and sound.
  • Number Stamps: Repeat the previous activity, but this time with number stamps.

5. Independent Practice (10 minutes):

Give each student a whiteboard and marker. Instruct them to practice writing letters and numbers independently. Encourage them to say the letter's name and sound as they write.


Throughout the activity, observe the students' engagement, participation, and progress. Assess their ability to recognize and identify letters and numbers, as well as their fine motor skills during tracing and independent writing. Provide feedback and support as needed.

By the end of this activity, students should:

  • Know: Recognize and identify letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10
  • Understand: The concept of tracing and writing letters and numbers
  • Can do: Practice tracing and writing letters and numbers independently

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Common Core State Standards for Pre-Kindergarten

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