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English Language Arts - 10th

Spelling Bee Bonanza!

Title: Spelling Bee Bonanza!

Compliance: Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts - Grade 10

Subject: English Language Arts

Summary: Engage your tenth-grade students in a fun and interactive spelling activity that will enhance their spelling skills and vocabulary.

Topic: Spelling

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know and understand the rules of spelling
  • Apply spelling rules to correctly spell words
  • Expand vocabulary through exposure to new words
  • Develop confidence in spelling abilities


This activity will be conducted in the form of a Spelling Bee competition. Students will participate individually and in teams to showcase their spelling skills.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Spelling word list
  • Whiteboard or blackboard
  • Markers or chalk
  • Timer
  • Prizes (optional)


  1. Divide the class into teams of 4-5 students each.
  2. Provide each team with a spelling word list containing words of varying difficulty levels.
  3. Explain the rules of the Spelling Bee competition:
    • Each team will take turns selecting a representative to spell a word.
    • The representative will have 30 seconds to spell the word correctly.
    • If the representative spells the word correctly, their team earns a point.
    • If the representative misspells the word, the word goes to the opposing team for a chance to steal the point.
    • The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins.
  4. Start the Spelling Bee competition, ensuring that each team gets an equal number of turns.
  5. Encourage students to support and cheer for their teammates.
  6. Keep track of the points on the whiteboard or blackboard.
  7. At the end of the competition, announce the winning team and award prizes if desired.


Assess students' spelling abilities based on their performance in the Spelling Bee competition. Observe their spelling accuracy, confidence, and ability to apply spelling rules. Additionally, you can assign a written spelling test to further evaluate their individual spelling skills.

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Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts - Grade 10

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