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Physical Education - 2nd

Lesson: Introduction to Physical Education

Title: Let's Get Moving!

Compliance Standard: Common Core State Standards for Physical Education (CCSS-PE)

Subject: Physical Education

Summary: This lesson introduces second-grade students to the importance of physical education and encourages them to engage in various physical activities.

Topic: Introduction to Physical Education

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the benefits of physical education.
  • Understand the importance of staying active.
  • Can participate in basic physical activities.


This lesson will be delivered through a combination of teacher-led discussions, interactive activities, and physical exercises.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Whiteboard or blackboard
  • Markers or chalk
  • Printed images of different physical activities
  • Music player and speakers
  • Open space for physical activities


Step 1: Introduction (10 minutes)

Begin the lesson by asking the students if they know what physical education is. Write their responses on the board.

Explain that physical education is a subject that helps us learn about our bodies, how to stay healthy, and how to have fun while being active.

Step 2: Benefits of Physical Education (10 minutes)

Show the students printed images of different physical activities such as running, jumping, swimming, and dancing.

Discuss the benefits of physical education, such as:

  • Keeping our hearts and muscles strong
  • Improving our balance and coordination
  • Helping us stay fit and healthy
  • Boosting our energy and mood

Step 3: Let's Get Moving! (20 minutes)

Clear a space in the classroom or take the students to an open area.

Play some energetic music and lead the students in a warm-up exercise routine, including stretching and simple movements like jumping jacks and toe touches.

After the warm-up, demonstrate different physical activities such as skipping, hopping, and balancing on one foot.

Encourage the students to try these activities and provide assistance as needed.

Step 4: Reflection (5 minutes)

Gather the students back in the classroom and ask them to share their favorite physical activity from the session.

Discuss how they felt during and after the activities, emphasizing the positive effects of physical exercise on their bodies and minds.


Assess the students' understanding and participation through observation during the physical activities. Ask them questions about the benefits of physical education and their favorite activities to gauge their comprehension.

Additionally, you can assign a short written or drawing activity where students can express their thoughts and feelings about physical education.

Remember to provide positive feedback and encouragement to all students.

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Common Core State Standards for Physical Education (CCSS-PE)

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