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History - K

Exploring Ancient Civilizations: A Journey Through History

Title: Exploring Ancient Civilizations: A Journey Through History

Compliance: Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten Social Studies

Subject: History

Summary: Engage your kindergarteners in an exciting journey through ancient civilizations, where they will learn about different cultures, traditions, and historical landmarks.

Topic: Exploring Ancient Civilizations

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know about different ancient civilizations and their contributions
  • Understand the concept of culture and traditions
  • Can identify and describe historical landmarks


This lesson will be delivered through a combination of interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and multimedia resources.

Resources/Materials Required:

  • Books and visual aids about ancient civilizations
  • World map or globe
  • Art supplies (colored pencils, markers, construction paper, etc.)
  • Computer or tablet with internet access
  • Printed pictures of historical landmarks


Introduction (10 minutes):

Begin the lesson by gathering the students in a circle and showing them a world map or globe. Explain that they will be going on a journey to explore ancient civilizations from different parts of the world.

Main Activity - Ancient Civilization Showcase (30 minutes):

Divide the students into small groups and assign each group a different ancient civilization (e.g., Egypt, Greece, China, etc.). Provide them with books and visual aids about their assigned civilization.

Ask each group to create a poster or collage showcasing the important aspects of their civilization, such as clothing, food, architecture, and famous landmarks. Encourage them to use their creativity and include drawings, cut-outs, and labels.

Once the posters are complete, have each group present their civilization to the class. Ask them to share interesting facts and show their posters to the rest of the students.

Interactive Discussion - Culture and Traditions (15 minutes):

Lead a discussion about culture and traditions. Ask the students questions such as:

  • What is culture?
  • What are some examples of traditions?
  • How do people celebrate different holidays around the world?

Encourage the students to share their own experiences and ask them to think about how their culture and traditions are similar or different from those of the ancient civilizations they learned about.

Virtual Tour of Historical Landmarks (20 minutes):

Using a computer or tablet with internet access, take the students on a virtual tour of famous historical landmarks from different ancient civilizations. Show them pictures and videos of landmarks such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Colosseum, and the Great Wall of China.

Encourage the students to ask questions and discuss what they find fascinating about these landmarks.

Closure - Reflection and Art Activity (10 minutes):

Have the students gather back in a circle and ask them to reflect on what they have learned about ancient civilizations, culture, and traditions. Discuss their favorite parts of the lesson and any new discoveries they made.

Finally, distribute art supplies and ask the students to create a drawing or painting of their favorite historical landmark from the virtual tour. Display their artwork in the classroom as a reminder of their journey through history.


Assess the students' understanding through the following activities:

  • Observation during group work and presentations
  • Participation in the interactive discussion
  • Completion of the art activity

Provide feedback and praise for their efforts and encourage further exploration of history and different cultures.

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Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten Social Studies

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