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History - 7th

Exploring Ancient Civilizations: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will understand the key events and factors that contributed to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  • Students will be able to analyze primary and secondary sources to draw conclusions about the impact of the Roman Empire on world history.
  • Students will develop critical thinking and research skills through engaging in hands-on activities and group discussions.


This activity will involve a combination of individual research, group work, and hands-on crafting. Students will be encouraged to think critically, collaborate with their peers, and present their findings to the class.


  • Textbooks or online resources about the Roman Empire
  • Primary and secondary sources related to the Roman Empire (e.g., maps, artifacts, historical documents)
  • Art supplies (e.g., construction paper, markers, glue, scissors)
  • Access to computers or tablets for research


1. Begin the activity by providing an overview of the Roman Empire, its rise, and its eventual decline. Use visual aids and engaging storytelling techniques to capture students' attention.

2. Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a specific aspect of the Roman Empire to research. Examples could include the Roman military, architecture, daily life, or the impact of Roman law.

3. Instruct students to use both primary and secondary sources to gather information about their assigned topic. Encourage them to critically analyze the sources and take notes on key points.

4. Once the research phase is complete, have each group create a visual representation of their findings using the art supplies provided. This could be in the form of a poster, diorama, or even a short skit.

5. Allow time for each group to present their projects to the class. Encourage them to explain the significance of their topic and how it contributed to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

6. Facilitate a class discussion where students can compare and contrast the different aspects of the Roman Empire that were researched. Encourage critical thinking and ask probing questions to deepen their understanding.


Assess students' understanding through the following methods:

  • Group project presentations: Evaluate the accuracy and depth of their research, as well as their ability to effectively communicate their findings.
  • Class discussion participation: Observe students' ability to engage in thoughtful discussions, ask relevant questions, and provide evidence to support their arguments.
  • Written reflection: Ask students to write a short reflection on what they learned about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and its significance in world history.

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