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English Language Arts - 5th

Spelling Bee Bonanza!

Title: Spelling Bee Bonanza

Compliance: Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts - Grade 5

Subject: English Language Arts

Summary: Engage your fifth-grade students in a fun and interactive spelling activity that will enhance their spelling skills and vocabulary.

Topic: Spelling

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know and understand the spelling rules and patterns
  • Apply spelling strategies to improve accuracy
  • Expand vocabulary through spelling practice
  • Develop confidence in spelling and word recognition

Materials Required:

  • Whiteboard or blackboard
  • Markers or chalk
  • Spelling Bee word list (provided below)
  • Timer or stopwatch
  • Prizes or rewards (optional)


Step 1: Introduce the Spelling Bee Bonanza activity to your students. Explain that they will be participating in a spelling competition to test their spelling skills and expand their vocabulary.

Step 2: Divide the class into teams or individuals, depending on the size of your class. Assign each team or individual a number or a name for identification purposes.

Step 3: Display the Spelling Bee word list on the whiteboard or blackboard. Explain that each participant will take turns spelling a word from the list.

Step 4: Set the rules for the Spelling Bee. Explain that each participant will have a limited amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds) to spell the word correctly. If they spell the word incorrectly or run out of time, they will be eliminated from the competition.

Step 5: Start the Spelling Bee by randomly selecting a participant or team to go first. Use a timer or stopwatch to time their spelling.

Step 6: The selected participant or team will approach the whiteboard or blackboard and spell the word aloud. They must speak clearly and spell each letter correctly.

Step 7: After the participant or team has finished spelling the word, provide immediate feedback. If the spelling is correct, congratulate them and award a point. If the spelling is incorrect, explain the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word.

Step 8: Continue the Spelling Bee, rotating between participants or teams. Keep track of the points earned by each participant or team on the whiteboard or blackboard.

Step 9: The Spelling Bee continues until all the words on the list have been spelled or until there is only one participant or team remaining.

Step 10: Congratulate the winner(s) of the Spelling Bee and award prizes or rewards if desired.


Assess the students' spelling skills and understanding of spelling rules and patterns through their participation in the Spelling Bee. Observe their ability to spell words accurately and apply spelling strategies. Take note of any common spelling errors or areas for improvement.

Additionally, you can assign a follow-up activity where students create their own spelling word lists based on specific spelling rules or patterns. This will further reinforce their understanding and application of spelling concepts.

Remember to provide constructive feedback and encourage students to continue practicing their spelling skills outside of the classroom.

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Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts - Grade 5

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