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History - 1st

Lesson Title: Exploring Ancient Civilizations

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the basic characteristics of ancient civilizations
  • Understand the importance of ancient civilizations in shaping our world today
  • Can identify and describe key features of ancient civilizations


This lesson will be taught using a combination of storytelling, visual aids, and hands-on activities to engage students in learning about ancient civilizations.


  • Storybooks about ancient civilizations
  • Maps and pictures of ancient civilizations
  • Art supplies for a craft activity


1. Begin the lesson by reading a storybook about ancient civilizations, such as 'The Ancient Egyptians'.

2. Show students maps and pictures of ancient civilizations, highlighting key features such as pyramids, temples, and rivers.

3. Engage students in a class discussion about what they have learned from the storybook and visuals. Ask questions like:

- What are some common features of ancient civilizations?

- Why do you think ancient civilizations are important?

4. Introduce a craft activity where students can create their own ancient civilization using art supplies. Encourage them to think about the key features they have learned about and incorporate them into their artwork.

5. After completing the craft activity, have students share their creations with the class and explain the features they included.


To assess student understanding, observe their participation in class discussions and their ability to identify and describe key features of ancient civilizations during the craft activity.

Additionally, you can provide a worksheet where students can draw and label the key features of an ancient civilization.


This first-grade lesson on ancient civilizations aims to introduce students to the concept of ancient civilizations, their characteristics, and their importance in shaping our world today. Through storytelling, visuals, and a hands-on craft activity, students will engage in active learning and develop a basic understanding of ancient civilizations.

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